Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mon., 8/21/2017 (Neuland)

Once again a busy week! It has really been a great week once again.We had P-day Monday, and after P-day we had our district meeting in Filadelfia, and Elder Salazar and I were elected to make dinner afterwards. Tuesday we wanted to take a bus home, but it turns out nobody worked because of some obscure holiday so we had to hitchhike home. Good thing it's allowed here in the Chaco and good thing the Paraguayans are really nice people. We spent only that afternoon and Wednesday in Neuland. We had to start looking for a new house because President Evans asked us to and the water has been out for a week. Thursday we went early to Paraiso, our other area and were there 'til Sunday. There was a big soccer tournament in Neuland though, and everyone, literally EVERYONE was gone, so we contacted the whole community and found a grand total of about 3 houses occupied hahaha. A decent number of investigators were home and we finished the lessons with 4 of our investigators who should be getting baptized in a couple of weeks when we can get transportation for them to come to Neuland. For the 3 days there nobody was home so there were no lights. It worked out well though, because we watched the stars for meteorites. There are a lot more of them than you would think, and we managed to see around 30. We did a few service projects including digging an outhouse pit, cleaning another water tank and collecting firewood. The Nivacle people are really simple and humble, and I really like them a lot. Elder Castañeda and I have been working on helping them grow as a branch and group. Sunday we had a solid turnout of 23 people in Paraiso, which is good as there weren't more than 30 people even in the community at that hour. We got back for the afternoon to Neuland, but as there was a soccer tournament, nobody was home hahaha. We got prepped in the evening to go to Asuncion for our zone conference, and left at 8. That coletivo was FLYING. As the other elders told me, we passed the (normally) 2 am mark (a town called Pozo Calorado) at 11:30. When we got to Asuncion at 2:30 the office elders probably thought we were prank calling them as the colectivo should have gotten in at 4:30 or 5. Today we went to Luque and Mariano Roque Alonso for P-day, and tomorrow we will be having Zone conference. Elder Castaneda and I have been getting along really well together and hopefully we'll be sticking together for another 6 weeks. This week we have really been focused on repentance. It's real, it helps, and you feel good afterwards. When we do stuff wrong, we feel kind of bad, but Heavenly Father doesn't want us to feel bad, so he gave us repentance so we can change. It's honestly the best Christmas present, year round. Thanks for all your email and prayers and whatnot. Have a good week everyone!

Elder Olson wrote the following to his mother this week answering questions about his location:
We are in the Chaco right now which is a big desert where everything wants to eat you (including every plant here has thorns). Due to the conditions, there are no sister missionaries in the Chaco. It's really pretty awesome out here. There are 8 of us here in the Chaco, and my companion and I are over 2 proselyting areas that are 70 km apart, with 2 other areas where we technically should work also but are too far away. We are preparing the area to get bikes soon, possibly this week but there are paperwork issues. We have a lot of German descent Paraguayans but they don't actually speak German, but a dialect of it that is also part Spanish and English. In Yby Yau we were 105 km from Brazil, and I've been to the border before in Pedro Juan. I don't know how far we are here; You could probably find out on a map. Thanks for the letter hand have a good week!


PS here are 2 more pictures, one from today and one from when Elder Salazar and I cooked for the district.
1 There are about a million signs here that say welcome to Neuland
2 Really, there are a lot
3 We helped the branch president's family cut and carry firewood
4 same as 3
5 we ended up cooking
6WHEN IN PARAGUAY; TAKE NOTE OF WRITTEN IN ZEROS... the difference between 80 cents and 8 dollars
7 With the dried apricots too... hahaha
8 Barbeque sauce saves the day once again for the poor Paraiso elders
9 Out here digging outhouse pits
10 With our investigator Donatelio. He's a really cool guy, and wants to get baptized in a couple weeks. His dad translates for us because he only speaks Nivacle
11 We brought out the gumbo for study time
12 Paraiso=spanish for paradise
13 peeling some mandioca
14 We have so many people to teach we sometimes have to just meet up with a lot of them. We have had lessons with as many as 33 people at a time. These are the coolest people in Paraguay
15 There aren't many lights here so during personal time we watch meteors When were in Paraiso. We saw about 30 in 3 days
16 Ready for church
17 The trees are pretty cool here
18 This is a batata. They're like a potato but sweet. They are really good in whatever form you cook them
19 For those wondering, that's what the bathroom looks like here
20 We got to see Elder Lovelace from our mtc group today. Hes a zone leader in Luque right now. It's always nice to throw it back to the good old MTC days

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mon., 8/14/2017 (Neuland)

We had a bus break down and now have a very small amount of time, so I'll have to make it short. We had a really good week and have been really working well together. Elder Castañeda and I are really working well together, and as I've told y'all, it's kind of the hardest area in the mission, but we are having so much fun. From my time here in Paraguay I've learned that we can work super hard and talk to thousands of people, but if we don't work with the members, nothing comes of our work. Neuland is a special area where the members don't know that much, but we leave every house with a reference of someone to visit, and a lot of the time, the members go with us. We have been working on reactivating a lot of families and inviting a lot of new families to come to church, and it's a little bit slow but big things take time! We got in a lot of service projects, including cleaning a really dirty underground water tank, cutting down a tree with a machete, and cutting down a grove of small trees with a machete. It has been really busy and really just a great time. Sunday we were in Neuland and had a solid attendance of 23 people. Paraiso, our group that is about 70 km from Neuland, had a solid attendance as well, of 26. We had 13 investigators and a lot of less actives in church, so it ended up a pretty great week. Today we are finally in Filadelfia, as we went by a big Rodeo that's a little far from here and the bus broke down. Thanks for the emails and I hope you all have a good week.
We also watched "Only a Stonecutter" about 5 times this week with different members and investigators. It has a really interesting quote that I wanted to share. In this life, there are 2 kinds of people; people who act and people who are acted upon. Which would you want to be? What can you be to be that type of person. Hint: read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, and look for every opportunity to serve others. Have a great week all of y'all!


1 We cleaned an underground water tank/well

2 We also cut down a tree with a machete

3 Rama Neuland right after church
4 There hasn't been water half the week and we kind of ran out of clean dishes so we ate right out of the pans
well I have a minute or 2 more because the other elders are late for their time
5 4 Americans a Peruvian and an Equatoriano at a German rodeo

6 at the rodeo
7 With Fidelino (branch secretary) and Agripino Gomez, the branch president. We had the first ever branch council meeting! All 4 of us hahaha
8 EVERY house in the mission has about 15 copies of True to the Faith in Spanish and Jesus the Christ in English. I don't know why, but it always happens
9 I'm not sure if I'm in this picture but it's the only one I could get of the temple trip. We were recently getting back from my surgery when they took photos so I might not be there, but the missionary all the way to the right might be me hahaha
10 cleaning a well
11 I'm not really sure who these kids were but they wanted to take a picture
12 I did find one picture of us at the temple the other week and I'm definitely in it
Well that's it! Have a good week!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mon., 8/7/2017 (Neuland)

WE have had a good week this week. Actually a very good week. Monday after writing we played monopoly. In the evening we had district meeting. Tuesday we took a colectivo to Neuland so I finally got to my area! It's a little German colony that also has 2 neighborhoods of Latinos and a neighborhood of Nivacle Native Americans. We spent Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday working in Neuland. We spend most of our time with the Nivacles because the Germans don't want to listen to us and the Latinos are never at home. It's kind of hard when we teach the Nivacles because only the men speak Spanish, so we have to have a translator or wait for the head of the family to be at home. It's awesome though because they all want to learn about Christ, and with the language barrier we get to teach simple lessons, and there isn't really anyone that wants to try to battle us with words. They are all so nice! The kids rush up to us when we come by and hang off our arms and they're pretty crazy. They all say in a timid voice "tarjeta?" which means card or in this case pass along cards hahaha. Thursday morning we also had to go back to Filadelfia to take out money because we had to go to part of our area for Friday until Sunday. It's a little expensive because it is far away and nobody lives there. Don't forget, we are in the Chaco, a big desert, and the area, Paraiso, is kind of far away. It's another little settlement of Nivacles, and there is a group of members that meet there for church. We have a house there where the members have church. It's an area that only has wells for water, so we have to pull up water for everything, including showering. We also have an outhouse! Cool stuff! Paraiso is the Spanish word for paradise, and if it didn't get up to the 120s (Fahrenheit) some days it would be paradise! It's a really beautiful area. Neuland is also really awesome, especially for the fact that it's the middle of a desert. Elder Castañeda and I have really just been hauling this week. We had good numbers for the fact that we are working in the hardest area in the mission, and we spend half the week traveling. We have been working on serving each other more, and we're both loving the work! We're also working really well together already, so I'm excited for what will happen in this area! Sunday in church we had 33 people come in Paraiso and in Neuland there were 22. From what I've been told, the weeks we're in Neuland everyone goes and if we're not there nobody goes. It's the same with Paraiso. The people here are so awesome! They don't really have that much but they make do with what they have! Today we had to go to Abundancia for district meeting at 6, and there weren't any colectivos so after we got back from Paraiso we had to go last night and we got in a little late. Today we got to be together as a district and played a little bit of soccer. That's the week! One thing that we had to work a lot with is callings. Many times we thing that we have a calling in the church that is more important or less important than another, such as a bishop being more important than a greeter or a Deacons' Quorum secretary, or vice versa, but that's not true. Everything we are assigned to do, is our contract with the Lord and not with anyone else. Every calling is important. We shouldn't aspire to be better than another; we should aspire to be like Jesus. Everyone please think on that, and have a good week!


1 The chapel in Neuland
2 It's all in German!
3 The kids really do just storm us!
4 We also find ourselves far from home at times

5 They wanted a picture of me with their toy gun
6 In Paraiso!
7 With Hermano Paclusi, the group leader in Paraiso. He translates for us too and visits all the members and all the members while we're gone! Great guy
8 We did service at his house Saturday
9 The Elder that I replaced here dropped the bucket down the well and we kind of need that... it took a while, cutting down 2 trees, and a broom, but we got the bucket out!
10 With the bucket
11 We always look for good spots to take nametag photos
12 The little guy on the right has some cool hair... his name's Fabian and he's going to get baptized in about a month! Also the girl in the middle, Norbalda. We're pretty excited for them! They are excited too; they come to church every week an hour before church! And set up the chairs and hymn books! That's dedication for 9 and 10 year olds!

13 Our house/church in Paraiso! They meet in the middle part for church
14 WE got kind of hungry and there aren't stores within 50 km of Paraiso... luckily we had a little bread
15 There aren't any pots in the Paraiso house, so yes we cooked rice in a frying pan!
16 We had to go to Abundancia Sunday night
17 BBQ sauce and rice really isn't that bad when you haven't eaten in about a day... we even had some chicken (even if it's just a drawing)
18 Paraiso in Paraiso

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mon., 7/31/2017 (Transfers from Yby Yau to Neuland)

Well I have had the busiest week of my life for sure. Monday we wrote y'all then went to Pedro Juan Caballero to print pictures for our converts of their baptisms. We had a family home evening with the zone leaders and a family in their area, using my recipe, the zone leaders materials, and Elder Cartagena's supervision. Tuesday we had a good district meeting and everyone said goodbye because we had changes. We then went home directly after, and despite our colectivo possibly breaking down (we had to stop about 10 times), we made it home in time for me to finish packing then we went to say goodbye to the members I hadn/t said goodbye to yet. We ended up getting a cookout in because we had a bit of time (the colectivo passed around 11:30 at night). We said goodbye to the branch president, who helped us get all the stuff from the house to the road where the colectivo passes. Airton and his brother Nielson waited with us til the bitter end. After, we went to Asuncion in colectivo. We got to the terminal, and I was tired because I didn't sleep the whole ride. We got off the colectivo and went to where the office elders were waiting to get stickers to put on our luggage to go to the center of our zone. I got Mariano Roque Alonso on mine, and it turns out I'm going to the Chaco! My new area is called Neuland; its a little german colony in the middle of the Chaco. The Chaco is a big famous desert that is the north side of Paraguay, with no water. It's pretty cool though; I love it already. My companion is Elder Castañeda, and he's a small indigenous guy from Ecuador. He speaks another language called Quichua! He's really nice and we get along real well. There are 2 other missionaries that also will be going to the Chaco this transfer, Elder Salazar (I did a lot with him in PJC) and Elder Starks from Utah. With that news, we weren't able to go our new areas because we had a few things to do later in the week in Asuncion. The next 2 days,Wednesday and Thursday, we were in an area in the middle of the city an the elders there just told us to contact whatever we wanted, so contact we did! Thursday,I was in the same area, Trinidad with the Elders who are assigned there, Elder Sotec from Peru and Elder Hernandez from Colombia. Friday we had to get up early, because we had to help all day with a temple trip for 150 or so Nivacle indians from the Chaco. The other Elders who have been there have been working for over 6 months to get it all to work out, so we got there right in time hahaha! It was really a great experience, working inside and outside the temple with them, but it was also really hectic because they have a different language, Nivacle, that only one missionary really knows enough to communicate, but it was really an awesome experience that I'll have to tell you all about after the mission because there just isn't time! Saturday we helped out some more with the Nivacles, then Elder Castañeda and I went to the hospital. For the pat few days I hadn't really been able to walk; we thought I had an ingrown toenail but it turned out to be a parasite and I had to get a surgery to get it removed. As such, we looked like we were running a 3 legged race the rest of the day and Sunday also. We took a bus to Abundancia, which is another area in the Chaco, and we couldn't get to our area that night so we stayed over with the Elders there. Their area includes their house, one of the biggest chapels I've ever seen, and 56 houses of members that all speak Nivacle. We stayed there until today, when we got a ride to Filadelfia, which is another area in the Chaco, and tomorrow there will be a bus that we can take to our area. Neuland is the furthest area from the office in the whole mission (520 km; Yby yau was 367 or so). It actually has 2 areas; the other one of them is called Paraiso (Paradise) and is 70 km further from Asuncion. Today we are in Filadelfia, and it's got a lot of German people! I still haven't gotten to Neuland but next week I'll try to get pictures to you! Have a good one! Remember to read the Book of Mormon this week! Also pray and go to church! The book is blue, the church is true, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Thanks for all the emails and prayers, and especially photos!


1 Zona Pedro Juan Caballero
2 Asado with Luis Diego and Leo
3 Saying goodbye to the squad
4 Airton and Nielson wanted to wait with us til I had to leave
5 saying goodbye to my man Elder Cartagena. He's a good comp and good teacher; they're going to be baptizing about every week in Yby yau this change. I'm excited for him!
6 Once again, 5 stars
7 This bridge is not safe. Its basically 2 metal strips and the wood from pallets
8 other pic of the bridge
9 Turns out there was an Elder Olson in Trinidad who just went home!
10 The new Chaco elders!
11 Elder Hernandez in front, Elder Sotec in the middle, Paraguay River in the background!
12 We took a pit stop for Pizza!
13 Working out the schedule for the temple
14 We went to the temple! (with Elder Castañeda)
15 and with Elder Hill
16 We went out to get Lomitos since we hadn't hardly eaten anything in 3 days
17 Temple trip!
18 In Abundancia with the Neuland families that went to the temple!
19 Yeah, I went to church with 1 shoe. Hermana Evans said it's the first case of pique that shes seen in her time here in Paraguay
20 With Elder Castañeda and Elder... Brower! He's in Abundancia right now
21 some of the Nivacles had to ride for 8 hours on a tractor through the desert to get to the road to start the journey. They're from a place called Mistolar that's further out than everything but there aren't missionaries there.
22 In the middle of the chaco is the biggest church I think Ive ever seen
23 The chaco is a whole other level and so is my companion. Elder Castañeda is awesome!
24 we got a ride to Filadelfia

Have a good week! Auf Wiedersehen!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mon., 7/17/2017 (Yby Yau)

What a week! About 2 days ago it was sunny and about 90 or so F, but its now in the 30s or so F with the first rain that we've had in a month or so. That's what the weather is like here in a nutshell. The week was a really good one; we didn't spend all day every day contacting, and had a lot of investigators progress. I don`t have too much time, and I wrote a lot with the pictures, so I'll have to go quickly. Most of the week was pretty normal. Tuesday we had district meeting, and Airton was there because we have to have a member. Thursday I had a division with Elder Passos in his area, including a couple of colectivos early and late at night, resulting in a slight lack of sleep. We visited one of his cousins, Luichi, who along with his son Diego really wants to get baptized. We also met a couple other people that want to get baptized, and Fernando is getting ready to get baptized this week! Saturday we went out into the middle of nowhere to visit the Familia Caceres, an older couple who are really strong members but live really far from the church. About 10 or 15 years ago they had church meetings in their house, but now all their neighbors who were members moved so they come to Yby yau every once in a while for church. Sundays we normally have about 20 or 25 people in church, but we got up early to go bring people to church. Together with the hermanas we had about 9 investigators in church, which is a TON. They were also all really cool investigators. The difference between good investigators and normal people, is that they ACT! They ACT by READING scriptures, PRAYING and going to CHURCH. We, as members of the church, should probably set the example and do those things, don't you think? Try to do all 3, all week! Have a good week everyone!


1 With all the kids in Fm Fernandez. Dario, the little guy in the middle (10 years old), wants to get baptized in about a month, so stay tuned!

2 Fernando (also 10 years old) is planning to get baptized this week so also stay tuned! His mom is a member but hadn't been to church in 8 years or so until the Branch President asked us to visit her! The power of giving references to the missionaries!

3 Elder Passos discovered hamburgers with BACON in Pedro Juan and we had to check it out to finish off our division.

4 In the colectivo on the way home to Yby yau

5 the inside of a nice colectivo looks like this

6 we went out a few kilometers to visit a reference from the branch President's son, Robert

7 the bridge wasn't big enough for my bike and I at the same time

8 Since we were out there we decided to so see a pretty cool stream

9 Yby yau is at km 109. As a side note, my bike helmet is one of the original helmets that the missionaries used when they first opened up the area in the year 2000(17 years) and if the bikes were in another area before, my helmet might be older than me. Airton's bike is also one of the bikes they had here in 2000. I'm not exactly sure how it still works, but it does and we aren't going to ask questions hahaha

10 Whenever I talk about empedrado, this is what it looks like.

11 Airton's bike doesn't actually work going uphill

12 We went to visit Brother an Sister Caceres, who really want to go to church but live a little far from church, and he's 83 and she's 76. They do come about once every other month. That's what I call dedication

13 A little far as in 30 km away!

14 We made it (sadly that's a little out of range on the bikes as it would take half the day). Good thing Pte Cristino got a car!

15 We have had a lot of sand in the wind recently. If you look close, you should be able to see it.

16 We ate out at a restaurant the other day. As you may be thinking right now, Airton is with us every day all day!

Mon., 7/24/2017 (Yby Yau w/transfers tomorrow!)

Well it has been a jam packed week and we had changes. I will be leaving Yby Yau which is hard but I know the Lord will put me where I need to be. There isn't an abundance of time so I'll get right to it. This last pday we cooked marinera (kind of like fried chicken) with Airton, then did nothing until 6. It was freezing cold, and in the night went below freezing for the first time in years here.

Tuesday we spent all day helping the Fm Fernandez move. They lived in a pretty rough area so they moved to the other side of the neighborhood, about a half km away. They have the heaviest bed frames I've ever lifted! hahaha. That night we had a cookout with our investigator Luis. His wife doesn't like the church or something so she didn't want him to get baptized. He almost got baptized 5 years ago or so, but never got permission. We saw his record in the area book and decided to visit him. He's awesome, honestly the nicest person I know. He really wants to get baptized, but his wife who lives in Spain right now said no and he didn't know what to do because she was pretty set against him getting baptized. We felt prompted to teach about fasting in the first lesson, and explained that it's normally the first Sunday of the month but whichever Sunday works. Well turns out, he wanted to fast Tuesday until Wednesday so he cooked up some pork and some chicken sausage (which is actually really good) and we went over to eat then start our fast together with him (and Airton). Wednesday we went back to finish the fast with more sausage (they really like their meat here). We taught Luis that fasting is one of the most powerful forces that we can have because it's calling down help from God. Friday we went by to have a lesson, and Luis was super excited. He told us that he got a call from his wife at 4 in the morning asking directly if he wanted to be baptized. He said yes because he really does and she said he had her permission! He hadn't even told her yet that we stopped by to visit him or anything. This experience strengthened my testimony of fasting. I rarely fasted before my mission, but now I've got a lot of faith in the fact that it works. Friday we cleaned the baptismal font, and got it all filled up. We had a few complications with the water, but it all worked out in the end. Fernando got baptized and it was awesome; To Mom's joy, I did end up singing a musical number with the Hermana missionaries (When I am Baptized form the Children's Songbook) and Elder Cartagena got to baptize Fernando. It was a great moment. S

Sunday we had attendance of 46 PEOPLE at church!!! That's a little bit higher than the 11 or 12 we used to have! That night we did receive the news that I will be leaving Yby Yau. I didn't even start packing my bags because I didn't want to leave, Elder Cartagena didn't want me to leave, and honestly nobody did! In Yby yau they're used to having missionaries for a long time, and after 6 months it's hard to say goodbye! Especially with Pt Cristino and Airton. It has been an awesome and humbling experience to be in Yby yau with the people here, and they're honestly like a family to me here. Thank you all for the emails and have a great week! I'll be writing from a new area next week, so watch out for that!


1 WE didn't do anything for Pday last week; just relaxed. This is Nielson, the younger brother of Airton
2 Airton's mom has started cooking for us every couple of days! It's nice to not have to cook everything once in a while. Imagine hush puppies that are sweet: pretty good stuff.
3 Back at it in the cold
4 We helped our investogator/lessactive family build and move their house

5 Moving Fm Fernandez. By the way, there is no such thing as a moving truck here. We moved everything manually about a half km up a hill to the new house
6 It was so cold we had our cookout with our investogator Luis inside
7 Luis is on the left, his friend Leo on the right. Paraguayan cookouts include meat, other type of meat, other type of meat, and a little bit of bread and mandioca on the side.
8 Cleaning the pila bautismal(baptismal font/pool)

9 Daniel gave a talk for the baptism, and did a great job!
10 Fernando's baptism!
11 With his mom, Lucia, and his sister Miriam
12 Happy as can be
13 with everyone that came early for the baptism
14 With my amigo Derlis
15 Empanadas are a big thing here so we tried making them
16 Not gonna lie, Elder Cartagena and I make some pretty good empanadas

17 y 18 the empanadas in process
19 Airton got a flat tire and we didn't have time so we had to leave the bikes at home
20 With Airton and his mom. They're an awesome family. Airton is our translator, Nielson is one of the hermanas translators, and their mom, Elva cleans our clothes (and now feeds us a ton)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mon., 7/10/2017 (Yby Yau)

Once again a busy week! I started the week in Asuncion for a big district leader training. After Pday, Elder Vasquez, Elder Behrens and I all went out and visited a recent convert and less active family in Elder Behrens' old area, since we didn't have anything to do. The Asuncion Paraguay Temple is going to close soon for 2 years, and we shared a small message with them about how important it is to take advantage of the blessings of the temple. We then got taken over to the bus terminal, where we had to wait for a while. There were 2 massage chairs sitting in the middle of the terminal and I don't think anyone knew how to use them, so we tried them out. We took a colectivo all night to Pedro Juan Caballero, where the next day we had district meeting. Before the meeting, Elder Vasquez and I had to go to his house to switch companions. While there, Elder Entze and I celebrated the 4th of July for a couple of minutes. During the meeting, Elder Vasquez and I ended up having our meetings combined, and we gave an overview of what we learned from the district leader training. After the meeting, I went with Elder Pace, our zone leader, for the day in a division. As is normal for this mission, we spent the day contacting, contacting, and more contacting. I'm getting a lot of practice in contacting; its actually pretty fun! In the evening we concluded the division with some good 1 mil (20 cent) hot dogs. Good stuff. 
Wednesday and Thursday we got back to working in our area, and since we had limited time, tried passing every investigator's house that we could get to. Friday the branch president's wife fed us lunch! Then we had interviews with Pres. Evans and went to Pedro Juan with him and Hna Evans for zone conference. I did a division that night with Elder Vasquez and Elder Passos again to do a baptismal interview. We ended up walking around 15-20 km to gt there and back, which took up the whole afternoon and evening, but it was worth it. It sounds like for this month, our zone will have 9 baptisms! That's a lot better than where we were at before. That night, we stayed with Elders Enteze and Vasquez, and grilled some steaks. The next day during zone conference, we learned a lot, and it was focused on teaching repentance and baptizing converts, a talk from Elder Neil L Anderson. Repentance is so important! If you don't know what it is, find out now! There are so many people in the world with a weight on their shoulders that Jesus is waiting to take; let Him take it! Make the change; I know y'all can do it! In other news, Fernando couldn't make it to church, but he is honestly so excited to get baptized, and will definitely make it this week. For Pday, we beat the sun and biked the 11 or so km to Cerro Memby to see the sunrise with Airton. At a more human friendly hour, the Hermana Leaders also joined us for our district activity.That's pretty much all; have a great week! I love you all!
Displaying DSCN7202[1].JPG
1 Elder Entze and I celebrated the 4th of July
Displaying DSCN7203[1].JPG
2 and later again with the Americans in the zone
Displaying DSCN7217[1].JPG
3 On Saturday we had zone conference so we had to go to Pedro Juan on Friday. We decided to cook out to celebrate the 4th of July again
Displaying DSCN7216[1].JPG
4 Merica
Displaying DSCN7199[1].JPG
5 We discovered massage chairs in the bus terminal. Nobody knew what they were apparently because the other people in the terminal all looked at us weird  hahaha
Displaying DSCN7222[1].JPG
6 I mashed potatoes with a cup. Its actually very effective.
Displaying DSCN7229[1].JPG
7 You can't forget the salad!
Displaying DSCN7232[1].JPG
8 Finished product: T-bone steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, and salad
Displaying DSCN7234[1].JPG
9 Yet again I got to see my grandpa, Elder Villacresses
Displaying DSCN7235[1].JPG
10 Our first and probably last time taking a picture at a normal LDS chapel
Displaying DSCN7245[1].JPG
11 We got up early to watch the sunrise from Cerro Memby for Pday
Displaying DSCN7255[1].JPG
12 Cerro Memby is about 11 km from our house. Airton also came
Displaying DSCN7265[1].JPG
13 Cerro Memby
Displaying DSCN7260[1].JPG
14 We had to hide the bikes in the grass for the day... good thing even the trail is difficult to see
Displaying DSCN7270[1].JPG
15 We made it!
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16 We beat the sun
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17 sunrise
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18 12 meters of climbing required to take the fastest route to the top. As you may have thought, we avoided it
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19 The sun!
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20 Well there you have it!
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21 We showed the Hermana Leaders how to get up there too
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22 District Yby Yau
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23 see 22
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24 The best(and only hahaha) trio in the mission, hands down

Y'all have a good week!