Monday, July 24, 2017


Mon., 7/17/2017 (Yby Yau)

What a week! About 2 days ago it was sunny and about 90 or so F, but its now in the 30s or so F with the first rain that we've had in a month or so. That's what the weather is like here in a nutshell. The week was a really good one; we didn't spend all day every day contacting, and had a lot of investigators progress. I don`t have too much time, and I wrote a lot with the pictures, so I'll have to go quickly. Most of the week was pretty normal. Tuesday we had district meeting, and Airton was there because we have to have a member. Thursday I had a division with Elder Passos in his area, including a couple of colectivos early and late at night, resulting in a slight lack of sleep. We visited one of his cousins, Luichi, who along with his son Diego really wants to get baptized. We also met a couple other people that want to get baptized, and Fernando is getting ready to get baptized this week! Saturday we went out into the middle of nowhere to visit the Familia Caceres, an older couple who are really strong members but live really far from the church. About 10 or 15 years ago they had church meetings in their house, but now all their neighbors who were members moved so they come to Yby yau every once in a while for church. Sundays we normally have about 20 or 25 people in church, but we got up early to go bring people to church. Together with the hermanas we had about 9 investigators in church, which is a TON. They were also all really cool investigators. The difference between good investigators and normal people, is that they ACT! They ACT by READING scriptures, PRAYING and going to CHURCH. We, as members of the church, should probably set the example and do those things, don't you think? Try to do all 3, all week! Have a good week everyone!


1 With all the kids in Fm Fernandez. Dario, the little guy in the middle (10 years old), wants to get baptized in about a month, so stay tuned!

2 Fernando (also 10 years old) is planning to get baptized this week so also stay tuned! His mom is a member but hadn't been to church in 8 years or so until the Branch President asked us to visit her! The power of giving references to the missionaries!

3 Elder Passos discovered hamburgers with BACON in Pedro Juan and we had to check it out to finish off our division..

4 In the colectivo on the way home to Yby yau.

5 The inside of a nice colectivo looks like this.

6 We went out a few kilometers to visit a reference from the branch President's son, Robert.

7 The bridge wasn't big enough for my bike and I at the same time.

8 Since we were out there we decided to so see a pretty cool stream.

9 Yby yau is at km 109. As a side note, my bike helmet is one of the original helmets that the missionaries used when they first opened up the area in the year 2000(17 years) and if the bikes were in another area before, my helmet might be older than me. Airton's bike is also one of the bikes they had here in 2000. I'm not exactly sure how it still works, but it does and we aren't going to ask questions hahaha

10 Whenever I talk about empedrado, this is what it looks like.

11 Airton's bike doesn't actually work going uphill

12 We went to visit Brother an Sister Caceres, who really want to go to church but live a little far from church, and he's 83 and she's 76. They do come about once every other month. That's what I call dedication

13 A little far as in 30 km away!

14 We made it (sadly that's a little out of range on the bikes as it would take half the day). Good thing Pte Cristino got a car!

15 We have had a lot of sand in the wind recently. If you look close, you should be able to see it.

16 We ate out at a restaurant the other day. As you may be thinking right now, Airton is with us every day all day!

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