Monday, January 9, 2017

Mon., 1/9/2017 (Juan de Salazar)
[Answering a question about where Elder Olson is serving:] I am serving in Juan de Salazar A. My area is the border of the 2 cities, and so Im technically in both but our casa is in Luque
.Well it has been a busy week. Monday with all the immigrations and other stuff we had on we ended up not getting out to work, as we had a lot of traveling, had to go to Asuncion, and had probably about 4 to 6 hours of collectivo wait and travel time. There were NO colectivos runnung since it was just after the new year. Tuesday we had our district meeting, but met as a zone for the full time. There were a few rules changes, such as not being to be able to leave our areas as much on p days, and the way we count our lessons and who is an investigator and all kinds of stuff. Then we had divisions, and I went with elder passos for the day. he's from Brazil; a really hard worker. He is one of the Elders from a block down from our house. Elder Robalino, his companion, was with Elder Armstrong, and he fell unconcious again but it wasn't too severe, they returned to the house and were fine. Thursday we had our zone conference, and it was really great. Its great being with lots of missionaries because we are all friends. As of now, I'm the only one in the zone that can play with 2 hands on the piano, but I wasn't called on to do anything musically. Before and after the conference, we had interviews with President Evans. He had a few obedience questions that he asked me, then we talked about a few questions I had about obedience and companionships. It was super good. Elder Tesucun and I had the key, and we had to lock up, so we stayed til 6 or so, after everyone else was gone. When we got home we had a few things we had to talk about with the Zone conference and all. we talked about obedience and how we can be obedient and such. Friday was very busy. We had an appointment in the morning that screwed up our schedule, then we didn't have our lunch appointment(every day this week it got cancelled by the members) so we had to cook ourselves. Elder Robalino wasn't doing too good, so we visited them. While I was at his bed talking to him, he passed out again. When he regained conciousness, he couldn't even lift his fingers. We had a change, and I was with Elder Campos, who is from Guatemala and in my district, and we went to the Hospital Bautista in Asuncion with Elders Passos and Robalino. We were with them a while, then went back to our area, but by that time we only had time for a lesson then bedtime. Saturday we just had a regular day, then Sunday as well. We got a couple less active members to come to church, so that was good. Today there was a meeting in Asuncion for all the district leaders, so we went over. I spent most of today with Elder Whipple, who was in the MTC with me. He is serving in Yby yau, which is in between Concepcion and Pedro Juan Caballero. His companion is from Paraguay, so he speaks Guarani, so Elder Whipple never gets to talk in lessons because it is all Guarani. He is glad though, because he is learning a lot of Guarani. In my area, most people speak Guarani more clearly than Spanish to each other, but with us its normally Spanish. Every now and then we'll meet a person that speaks only Guarani. The other area in our district, Emboscada, has those both, plus a couple pockets of German speakers. President Evans said that it's not the right time for me to work on German, since I need to get Spanish down first, but maybe I'll be able to in the future.Displaying DSCN0607[1].JPG
1 Zone conference
Displaying DSCN0608[2].JPG
2 Elder Fairbanks, the new assistant had to show the rookies how it's done with the camera angles

3 Then he joined the photo
Displaying DSCN0610[1].JPG4 With Elder Hill, who Elder Tesucun trained for the last 3 months
Sorry I can't send more pictures, I honestly don't really have any this week. We have been so busy with Elder Robalino's illness and all the other stuff that we have been going to bed earlier than 10 some days. Have a great week y'all!

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