Monday, February 20, 2017

Mon., 2/20/2017 (Yby Yau week 2)

I think we will have to go another week without photos haha sorry, the computer wont pull up my pictures... but anyways on with the week! We have had a lot go on. Monday we took a collectivo all the way to Pedro Juan Caballero for district meeting, and got in early tuesday morning. At district meeting the zone went around the room and we all introduced ourselves. There are 14 Elders and 4 hermanas in the Pedro Juan Caballero Zone, and Im the only gringo. Fun stuff. After district meeting, we went to an all you can eat buffet, which probably lost a lot of money on us. My mission credit card went missiong so that was a little bit stressful,but last night(Sunday) one of the Elders in Pedro Juan called and said someone had found it in the street and given it to them. Later Tuesday wasthe event of the week. We were biking along, and as usual, Elder Baez was way in front of me. We were going downhill on the way to the church to meet with the branch president, and we went across a concrete pad at a gas station, which had a couple foot drop on the other side. Its been dry recently, so the ground was all sand. I noticed the drop when it was too late to stop, and I would have made it if it was ground, but the tire got stuck in the sand and went over the handlebars! It´s kind of hard to explain but oh well. The phone flew out of my pocket duing the crash, and we didnt notice until a fewe minutes later when we were in the meeting with the President of the branch. When we went back, the phone was gone, and when we tried calling, it was turned off, which means it had been stolen. We ended up being without a phone for half the week! It worked out ok though, because Wednesday we went on divisions to santa Clara. Santa Clara is a small community between us and PJC(Pedro Juan Caballero), and they used to have missionaries there but it was too dangerous so they had to close the area 3 or so years ago. When the missionaries left, the church floundered, and the members really need help. About a month ago, the closest area in PJC decided to open it back up, and when they went back there the first time, some of the church members cried because they knew that some day the missionaries would return. Elder Baez(and his guarani) and I, Elder Da Silva from Brazil, and Elder Ollero, from Peru went out there tuesday until friday morning to help the members and find people to teach. We had to take a collectivo to the closest bus stop, then walk 20 miles to Santa Clara. Luckily, on the way over, 2 men in a truck gave us a ride all the way. It was pretty hard to teach people, because many people only know guarani, but we did find this one family that the missionaries had been teaching. They didn´t remember much, so we started all over. One question we ask a lot to start is ``If you could talk to Jesus face to face and ask him one question, what would it be?`` They responded by asking why there is so much division in the world. We led the discussion into the apostacy, and how, after Jesus and the apostles left the earth, many people changed doctrine, and even though they meant the best, they didn´t have that prophetic revelation that is essential. We discussed a need for a restoration of the truth, and they agreed with what we have to say. I hope they can progress in the future. We were pretty successful in the division, and hopefully they can reopen the area soon for missionaries, because it really isn´t dangerous. The people are really nice, and like my area, a lot of them are really timid, and are sooo humble. Friday we went home, and worked on cleaning the house. Our house is really big (7 rooms) and over a long time a lot of junk has accrued. We cleaned for a couple hours, and hardly made a dent. By the end of my time here, we are going to have the house spick and span. We then went to the chapel, where President Evans and the assistants visited us, gave us our new phone, and we had interviews. We have a multi zone conference coming up soon. Saturday we put in work, and visited a lot of people. Sunday we had about 30 people in church, 8 or 9 of which weren´t members. This area is pretty successful right now, and we hope to get a lot done with our investigators. We visited a family that has 8 people who want to be baptised, but 2 of them need to get married first and they´re pretty poor. It´s a lot of money to get married, but they realise the importance of baptism and are actuallly following through on commitments. It´s not often that you have 2 people read all the way to Enos in the Book of Mormon in 1 week. We had the opportunity to give 4 blessings to members of there family, so that was awesome. Last night we took a collectivo to PJC to stay the night with the other Elders in our district, and we have Pday and district meeting tomorrow here. Today we didn´t really do anything; Ingot up and did my studies at 630 and they all slept in until 10. We had lunch with a less active family and played uno with them, then walked for a long time to another area to do our computer time. I really don´t know if I´ll be able to find a computer that works for photos, so sorry about another week without photos. Next week I hope they will work. Until then,yall have a good week! Thanks for all you do and everything!

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