Monday, February 27, 2017

The Week (3rd in Yby Yau)

Mon., 2/27/2017 (Yby Yau wk. 3)

Its been a busy week! We are in Horqueta for a conference tomorrow and there are 12 missionaries with 1 computer... so itll be a bit quicker today. We started off monday in Pedro Juan Caballero for Pday, then Tuesday we had our district meeting. In PJC there is a large terminal where we have to wait for a colectivo to go home, and we waited for hours until one finally came. We ended up not getting out to work. Wednesday was a normal day, then thursday the Zone leaders came to do a division with us and some baptismal interviews. Elder Baez and Elder Silva(from Peru) had the bikes, so Elder Villacresses(from Ecuador; he trained my other companion, Elder Tesucun) and I had to walk. We actually had a member give us lunch that day! But they live 12-15 km away so we walked for a little while first. After lunch, we paid the branch president to take us 40 or so km to a woman named Carmen's house to visit her. She got baptized in Piquete Cue(near my old area, Juan de Salazar), and interestingly enough, Elder Villacresses was one of the 2 elders who found her originally! She was really excited to see us, especially him. She lives with all her family right now, and none of them are members of the church, so we'll have to go out there more often! The Lord works in mysterious ways. We then returned to closer to Yby Yau for the baptismal interviews. We have 5 people ready to get baptized and they all passed the interview, but 3 of them have to get married first and they don't have the right documents right now, so only 2 of the members of Family Benitez can get baptized right now. Friday we cleaned the baptismal font(it was pretty nasty) and then Saturday we had the baptisms! The 2 girls that got baptized are Nanci and Gabi Benitez. They're 19 and 12 years old, and live with all their family, who are all investigators. I got to baptize Gabi, so that was awesome. Yesterday in church we confirmed them as members, then I passed the sacrament, led the music, and gave a talk on fasting. Today we are in Horqueta for the day and night, because we have a zone conference with the Concepcion Zone tomorrow. They had to divide up our zone to be with the other zone to stay over the night. I hope you all have a good week!
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1 the kids here love our bikes
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2 our first service project here, 2 weeks ago, was cutting down trees and making a pig pen
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3 junior companion, junior bike... right?
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4 Constructing the pig pen.. And also your first look at Elder Baez!
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5 nearing completion
Displaying DSCN1083[1].JPG
6 his is Dani. He's in the family that we were serving
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7 And him with his brother Panchi
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8 Theres a tree in the way but this is cerro memby; The biggest landmark in our area. Hopefully we will have time to climb in some Pday
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9 Baptism!
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10 same
Displaying DSCN4884[1].JPG
11 the font we had to clean
Displaying DSCN4876[1].JPG
12 Elder Silvas pants couldn't hold the bike hahaha (forgot to mention, it monsooned thursday)

Los amo,

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