Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Feb. 2017 Pictures from Yby Yau and other places (Some are in other blogdates.  Sorry!)
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1 nearing completion
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2 This is Dani. He's in the family that we were serving
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3 And him with his brother Panchi
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4 Theres a tree in the way but this is cerro memby; The biggest landmark in our area. Hopefully we will have time to climb in some Pda
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5 Dani and Elder Baez
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6 about the right proportion of Spanish and Guarani here... and I'm not kidding
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7 another service with the same family! This time we were gathering honey
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8 Estaban is alos in the family. We went honey hunting with him and Panch
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9 the beehive we found was up in a coconut tree. We got anthills and some wood, and made a fire under it with a lot of smoke. The smoke got the bees out of the hive and less harmful, then we chopped down the tree and cut the hive up
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10 cutting down the tree
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11 same as 10
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12 That was some good honey!
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13 Elder Baez approved too
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14 Our bikes are pretty nice
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15 the chapel. Its a house with a big room built in the back for sacrament meeting
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16 Inside the chapel
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17 the only way to dry our feet here. Also, there isn't a front cover on our fan hahaha
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18 From Horqueta to PJC is basically our area. Our house is in the middle where the pen is pointing
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19 thousands of bananas in the background, this is where FM Benitez lives. They always have bananas for us
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20 In Asuncion for Immigrations, we met the assistants from the south mission. he knows Josh pretty well; they were in the MTC together!
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21 we went on a division to Santa Clara, which is 20 km from the road. I forgot to say that in my area there are 2 roads and everything else is pretty much mountain biking.
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22 We got lucky. A guy in a truck gave us a ride all 20 km
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23 The chapel in Santa Clara. We have it pretty easy in the US; here is proof
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24 The potato looking things are pieces of mandioca, which we have every time we eat with anyone
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25 I was working with Elder Ollero, from Peru
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26 Only 2 beds for 4 of us... we were in a members house for the 2 nights
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27 Here's the house
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28 The views pretty in Santa Clara
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29 Fm Peralta wanted a photo
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30 but Elder Baez was having trouble with the flash
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31 so it took
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32 4 tries
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33 Banana picking with Fm Benitez
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34 There's a reason why missionaries have backpacks
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35 With Francisco and Cristian. They're both investigators
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36 close to Asuncion?
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37 We're in the middle of nowhere
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38 as proof, the signs that are 20 meters apart don't match with the mileage hahaha
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39 our supermarket, ara pyahu(guarani for new day)
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40 PJC bus terminal
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41 Elder Torres, from Peru. He's in our district
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42 Pday last week- lunch and Uno with someone in PJC
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43 With Elder Hernandez(Colombia), Elder Baez, and Elder Torres after district meeting. There's only 4 of us
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44 They all went crazy when they saw a camaro. I think its the first time for all of them
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45 don't worry mom, we set the table! (and cook)
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46 Dr Baez giving veterinary shots to Fm Benitez's dog. The kid is Junior, he's also an investigator
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47 chopping some wood
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48 With Elder Villacresses, the Branch President, and Carmen and her kids in San Miguel(40 or so km from our house)
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49 River where people get baptized sometimes
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50 It rained all day during that division but we luckily had a driver for part of the afternoon
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51 too much walking for elder villacresses
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52 How I spent the pday in Horqueta today

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