Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Week in Yby Yau

Mon., 4/3/2017 (Yby Yau)

Once again we have stayed busy! We are also in Asuncion because my companion has migrations so I don't have very much time. Tuesday we had our District meeting in Pedro Juan Caballero, and we had to get a projector from the District (Stake) President. Wednesday Thursday and Friday we spent looking for new people to teach about Christ and his gospel. We found a good number of people that are really cool and hopefully they can continue to learn and progress! Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference. We were going to watch in Guarani because that's all a lot of people understand here but it didn't work so we had to watch in Spanish. We were able to watch some of the talks in Guarani. We didn't get to watch the Priesthood session on Saturday, but hopefully we will have a chance to watch it in a re-broadcast.

I did learn a couple things this week that I wanted to share. Having heard each of these points in detail at least 2 times each, I say they are important.

1. Read your scriptures and pray every day. The current prophet told us all to, so we should.
2. God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy ghost are 3 separate beings. Those who do number 1 will come to find this true.
3. Itś a hard one, but watching sports on Sunday is a no no. It drives our thoughts away from what we should be thinking about on the Sabbath.
4. To live your religion, you need to share your religion. If you know it's true, let other people know so they can have the truth too.
5. There are about a billion things I could write, but it's all there in General

And thatś it! Have a good week everyone!

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1 and 2 Zone Pedro Juan Caballero
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3 with Elder Ollero and Elder Andrango
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4with Elder Leyva, who went to his new area in Luque
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5 With Elder Silva from Peru, my old Zone Leader 
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6 With Elder Velez from Ecuador
Displaying DSCN5498.JPG
7 With Elder Hill who went Neuland to the Chaco. Elder Tesucun was his trainer and we started in the same zone
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8 My new companion
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Displaying DSCN5517.JPG
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9-11 Chef Olson
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12 Photo with our good friend, Pedro Juan Caballero
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13 same as 12
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14 We arrived to district meeting 30 minutes early as a district... oops
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15 Elder Castro thought it was funny that I had white rice, yellow rice, and arroz con leche (rice with milk) when we went out to eat. All I have to say is there weren't many options hahaha
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16 Chef Olson once again
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17 Lunch in the house
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18 We have a young man, Airton, that just spends all day every day with us and translates. He really is the MVP here because we don't understand anyone hahaha
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19-20 we played 4 corners for Noche de Rama Thursday. It was a pretty big hit. Suprisingly nobody had ever played it before but me.
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21-24 Noche de Rama
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25 Ending the day with Airton
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Displaying DSCN5578.JPG
Displaying DSCN5581.JPG
26-28 Service project gathering and cutting wood for a fire
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Displaying DSCN5610.JPG
29-31 same as the previous
Displaying DSCN5613.JPG
32 setting up general conference. It was more difficult than it looks
Displaying DSCN5614.JPG
33 I'm the biggest pro here at computers hahaha
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34-36 There was a lack of observers as conference started... but quality over quantity, am I right...(The members started showing up about 20 or 30 minutes late)
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Displaying DSCN5635.JPG
Displaying DSCN5636.JPG
Displaying DSCN5637.JPG
37-40 Meet Derlis. He is the son of our recent convert Nanci. He thankfully fell asleep for the whole day Sunday hahaha
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Displaying DSCN5640.JPG
41-42 Conference session 1 ended and Derlis didn't wake up
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Displaying DSCN5642.JPG
43-44 We had to do something to keep the people occupied between sessions, So I played hymns on the computer, and we sang along. It was great having a computer to sing with, because the computer stays on tune hahaha. We sang a few that only I knew which was great, because the members got to learn a few new ones
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45 The new name tags finally came in, and I recieved mine in Guarani. In 6 weeks when the next set comes, I'ĺl have some in Portuguese too! Fun stuff!
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46 5 star cleaned houses! Look in the middle
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47 Itś us!

And that's the week! Y'all have a good one! Also Go Heels, its a GDTBATH ( i.e. Good Day to Be a Tar Heel)! 

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