Saturday, April 29, 2017

One More Week... and a Baptism!

Mon., 4/24/2017 (Yby Yau)

Its been some fun times here in Yby yau. Last Monday after writing y'all, I went and visited a couple people with the other American in my zone, Elder Entze. We stayed the night with him and his companion, Elder Salazar from Peru. Tuesday we had our meeting, and then we wanted to get Elder Castro's bike fron the bike shop, but they didn`t have it ready so we had to go back in the night. We had another division, and I worked with Elder Salazar for the day. The bike guy ended up not starting the repairs, so we had to stay another day. Wednesday in the morning we got to go home finally. Friday we had a division, and I went with Elder Villacresses in Pedro Juan. His area there is pretty cool. It`s really big, and they have a prison that we passed by that has a wall blown up. We had a pretty successful day, with about 8 lessons or so, and it was great to be with Elder Villacresses. He is a good teacher, and I learned a lot. Saturday we filled up the baptismal font, which took all day, and the water only got up to knee height. It`s a miracle because there isn`t water here. It rained all week and somehow there hasn`t been water all week. Sunday really early we had the baptism of Sandri, a 12 year old girl who lives with her Aunt and Uncle who are members. After her baptism, we had church. Of the 30 people who came to church, 10 were investigators. We are hoping to get a lot done here soon! Today for Pday we hiked and climbed Cerro Memby. It is one of the scariest things I have ever done, it`s basically climbing straight up a big rock. We all survived and it was a lot of fun. I hope you all have a good week!
Displaying DSCN5779[1].JPG
1 Making chipa last week
Displaying DSCN5790[1].JPG
2 The oven
Displaying DSCN5795[1].JPG
3 My chipa
Displaying DSCN5808[1].JPG
4 The oven with chipa inside
Displaying DSCN5809[1].JPG
5 Prepping some mate dulce, a drink with milk and coconut
Displaying DSCN5813[1].JPG
6 Putting the chipa in the oven
Displaying DSCN5815[1].JPG
7 The finished chipa!
Displaying DSCN5818[1].JPG
8 Drinking mate dulce with Elder Castro
Displaying DSCN5822[1].JPG
9 with the zone leaders
Displaying DSCN5825[1].JPG
10 Hna Bogado, who let us make chipa with her
Displaying DSCN5828[1].JPG
11 with Elder Albornoz from Bolivia
Displaying DSCN5904[1].JPG
12 This is what empanadas look like
Displaying DSCN5907[1].JPG
13 Elder Castro, E Ollero, random Assistant to President from Brazil, E Torres, other A.P. from Brazil, me, Elder Entze and Elder Salazar
Displaying DSCN5960[1].JPG
14 The juice here is a lot better than in the United States
Displaying DSCN5964[1].JPG
15 I wouldn`t advise driving your smart car down this road in Pedro Juan Caballero
Displaying DSCN5970[1].JPG
16 Elder Villacresses was a little tired in the colectivo after our division
Displaying DSCN5971[1].JPG
17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! (for Sandris baptism)
Displaying DSCN5977[1].JPG
18 Saying goodbye to Hermano Paiva. He is moving
Displaying DSCN5993[1].JPG
19 Baptism!
Displaying DSCN5995[1].JPG
20 Same!
Displaying DSCN5998[1].JPG
21 When I say there is a shortage of water in Yby yau right now, I mean it. Their knees are where is the water
Displaying DSCN6004[1].JPG
22 We found a cool statue
Displaying DSCN6012[1].JPG
23 The main event for Pday
Displaying DSCN6014[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6019[1].JPG
25 Cerro Memby
Displaying DSCN6023[1].JPG
26 same
Displaying DSCN6027[1].JPG
27 same
Displaying DSCN6031[1].JPG
28 nice views from the side
Displaying DSCN6033[1].JPG
The pictures from here on are all going to be from Cerro Memby
Displaying DSCN6038[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6046[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6050[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6042[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6054[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6039[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6055[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6047[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6064[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6071[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6068[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6084[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6082[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6096[1].JPG
Displaying DSCN6062[1].JPG

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