Sunday, May 7, 2017


Mon., 5/1/2017 (Yby Yau)

First off, they cut our email time down to 1 hour, including writing Pte Evans so I`ll have to make it short. Monday for Pday we went to Cerro Memby for pday, then in the evening made our way to Pedro Juan Caballero. Tuesday we had district meeting, in which I gave a lesson on contacting (tracting). We then had a division for the day, and I worked with Elder Ollero for the day. He is from Peru and likes divisions because we work super hard. We found a bunch of new people for his companion to teach. In the evening, I switched to be with Elder Torres for the next day in a full day division. We were in their area in Pedro Juan for the day, and continued looking for people to teach. Thursday I got back to working in my area. I forgot to mention that in 2 days the temperature dropped from about 30 Celcius to 6 or 7 Celcius. I don`t know exactly how that works out in Fahrenheit, but it`s a little cold here. The cable for power for our little air conditioning unit also melted, so we are without air conditioning. We are also without hot water for showering, but that didn`t matter because once again there was a water shortage all week. Thursday and Friday we went out and looked for new people to teach. Saturday we had the same, then cleaning the church and playing soccer with the youth. Nobody showed up but we found some people to play with us and hopefully they`ll let us teach them too. Sunday I didn`t give a talk in church! (but I did teach the classes the first 2 hours and Elder Castro gave a talk). We had a bit of a conflict, as we had scheduled a lesson with our investigator Fernando in the chapel at 4, bur forgot about that and also scheduled branch counsel(all the leaders, meaning us and the branch president) at the same time. Fernando rolled up on his Moto and we realized that we had to teach and skip the meeting. As a result they didn`t have their meeting, but another investigator, Francisco, came to the chapel with his family, who are recent converts, so they had interviews or something such with the Branch President. Fernando is a young man who is 16 years old, and has a couple of friends who are members. He likes singing the hymns, and works in the colectivo terminal in Yby yau. We always call him to know when there are colectivos that we can take, and invited him to church a week or 2 ago. He showed up, so we decided to start teaching him. He already knows a lot of what we have to teach, so hopefully he will progress and continue to learn! Sunday Last night we received the transfer news. The zone leaders were supposed to call at 9 but called around 10:45.. We were pretty worked up at that point, because everyone thinks Elder Villacresses will be the new assistant, and EVERY other area in the mission had received their news befo 9:30. Elder Castro kept calling them and the line was busy every time. It turns out we will be staying together in the jungle another 6 weeks together. Fun stuff. Today we played soccer with a lot of the Zone, then went to an all you can eat buffet. For my skype call for Mothers' Day, I really have no idea when I will be able to, as Yby yau does not have skype capabilities. I`m sorry but y'all will have to be ready whenever because I haven`t got clue how to skype. The elders used to got to Horqueta to do it but Horqueta is out of our zone so we can`t. I hope you all had and will have a great week! We`re just plugging along down here in Paraguay. The work that we do here is so important, because it`s the salvation of lives! And we aren`t talking lifeguarding, we`re talking for all eternity!ยช
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1 Ending the division with Elder Torres with 1 mil(20 cents) hot dogs
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2 The sunset didn`t make it in the picture but it was pretty cool
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3 We ran out of gas for the stove so we cooked with some charcoal we had in the house. I taught Elder Castro how to make burgers
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4 And we found some ugly ties in the house so I burned a tie for 6 months in the mission(a little late but oh well)
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5 We discovered a couple of Papaya trees in the backyard so I climbed them and we made some juice.
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6 the completed burgers
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7 burning my tie
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8 I also taught Elder Castro how to repair bike tires, because his tire had a hole

Thanks for all of your prayers and support and all. Have a good week!

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