Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Mon., 5/22/2017 (Yby Yau)

Well it´s been another super fast week! Sorry, I can´t send pictures this week We have been keeping busy this week, with a few bike repairs and a lot of rain. We´ll start at the beginning. Monday night I went with Elder Albornoz(from Bolivia) to a part of his area that took us over an hour to get to from their house, called Romero Cue. It´s a group, which means that where the people live there aren't many members. The area was first open to missionaries about a year or 2 ago. We found out this week that the mission is in the process of turning it into a branch, so that´s awesome! It´s great seeing the work of the Lord progressing. Tuesday we had district meeting, and then we spent the rest of the day on a division with PJC Rama 4B. I worked with Elder Godoy for the day. He is from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and came out on a mission about a year after his baptism. In the evening I went home to Yby yau, but not with Elder Castro. We had another division, and I got to spend Wednesday with Elder Richard from American Fork, Utah. His Spanish is better than mine, and we got along well. We had a really packed day. We started off visiting our investigators (and 4 recent converts), Fm Benitez. We got to where they lived, and THEIR HOUSE WAS GONE. Needless to say, we were a bit confused. I mean that their house was there last week and gone this week, with only holes in the ground to prove there had been a house there. We then went looking for a few old investigators and didn´t find any of them but we found some other new people to teach, including the son of a less active member and his girlfriend, who want to get baptized! To round it up, we had a lesson with Luis and Fabiani during the night. We taught them about the plan of salvation, and they agreed that everything we taught was true. We´ve taught them about 4 lessons, and they´ve read the scriptures every time we gave them something to read. We tried setting a baptismal date for them but they didn´t accept, because they said they aren´t ready just yet. They are really a cool family, so we´ll keep passing by to see how we can help them. We left their house and started up a big hill when there was a big snapping sound and my bike stopped. I´d broken my chain! Well we were about 5 km from home or so, in the middle of the dark (we were about 2 km from the nearest street lamp) in the pouring rain! We got a little walking in, and then got the idea to have one of us pedal on the other bike and push the other along. We did that for a while and then it was all downhill. It was honestly a fun experience. The next day Elder Castro came back, and we got back to work. Throughout the week Elder Castro ended up finding a total of 6 holes in his bike tires, 5 being in one of the tires so we ended up getting a replacement today. We had to spend a lot of the week walking, but ended up finding 12 new investigators, which surpassed our weekly goal. It´s always good to pass goals. We celebrated by eating some empanadas. Friday we had a service project helping build a house. To make the roof, we had to go to a field near the family´s house and pull up tall grass from the roots (3 or 4 ft tall) to make the roof. I learned a bit about the wheat and the tares during this service project. In the middle of the grass were other plants, including thorns. We were unable to distinguish which was which, and ended up cutting up our hands. I´d like everyone to pause a minute and think about your life for a minute. Do you have any habits that don´t seem so bad, but when you think about them are actually not the best thing to be doing? Stop now! Don´t cut your hands! It´s hard to do the laundry with cut up hands! I encourage yãll to look at what you can do to improve these small actions. All the little things count like bricks when building a house. If they´re all good, it works, but bad bricks can make a very unstable house. Sunday I only taught 1 class! I did have to give a talk though. It poured all day, and we started church with 6 people. A few minutes later, both counselors of the mission presidency showed up. We got some good counsel from them of what we need to do as missionaries to keep helping the branch. Today for Pday we went to pedro Juan as usual. We now have to go every week, because as missionaries we aren´t allowed access to the church´s computer any more, so we have to write in Pedro Juan where there are computers. That´s it for the week!

I´d like some input from everyone that reads this! In your emails, send me a sentence or 2 about how the gospel has caused you to be happier in your life! Thanks!

Have a good week everyone!

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