Tuesday, May 23, 2017

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! (and Paraguay Independence Day

Mon., 5/15/2017 (Yby Yau)

Happy Mothers day! For anyone that`s from Paraguay, knows English and can read this, Happy Independence Day too! Turns out, today is actually Mothers' Day in Paraguay. We`ll get right down to the good stuff. This week started out with a combined district meeting on Tuesday, where we met the new zone and had introductions and went over new rules. There weren`t many new rules, and the ones the zone leaders announced were about limiting calling other missionaries and such. Elder Castro and I are already follow that so no problem there. After, we had a division with Elder Ollero again. As usual, we spent the day finding new people to teach. We had a great day of finding, then Elder Castro and I took a late colectivo home. The next couple of days til Friday were just the normal looking for new people to teach. We did have a little bit of frustration set in mid week as we continued to work, but have met a lot of dead ends with all our investigators in recent weeks. That frustration didn`t last long though, because we know that we are doing all we can, and the rest is up to the Lord. Friday I taught Elder Castro how to make French toast, and then Saturday is when things picked up a little. For the 3 or 4 months that I`ve been here, the young men have been pleading for us to go with them to Cerro Memby. We finally gave in, on the condition that they bring friends that aren`t members. It turns out that only the 2 sons of the branch president came, but they brought 3 friends, so we have 3 new people to teach. Cerro Memby is the big huge rock that we climbed a couple of weeks ago, but couldn`t get to the top. This time we figured out how, and it was one of the hardest things I`ve ever done. Most of the way is hard because it`s climbing up rock walls and is really steep, but the last part is about 12 meters straight up, with nothing on either side or beneath. There is one part where you have to climb up with your back against one rock wall and hands and feet on the other side, and get up. Steve and Davy would love it. Of the 8 people that went, only 4 of us made it up top. The view is spectacular. You can see for miles. We went about halfway back down and ate salami sandwiches, then drove (the branch president, his son, and us missionaries in his car, the others on moto) home. We had a couple good lessons with Fabiani and Luis, and also with Karen. All three are new investigators. Sunday I didn`t give a talk! But I did teach the other 2 hours hahaha. There were only 13 people in church, which is a bit sad, but with small class sizes it`s easier to teach what the people need during Sunday School. In the afternoon, we decided to go to the church an hour early for skype, because we really felt that we should. It`s a good thing we had that prompting because the technology we thought was going to work didn`t for the microphone. It took us more than an hour and a half to get the microphone working. We ended up using a classic microphone, hooking it up to a speaker, and then to the computer. We also had to hold the microphone to the microphone cord, because they were old. The skype went well- it was great to see Mom Dad, Steve and Davy and to hear Mike. We were going to play soccer today for Pday but it`s poured all day so that won`t work. After pday ends, the zone leaders have part of Pedro Juan and also a Group that's part of their branch that is an hour or 2 walking from pedro juan, and have appointments in both areas, so I`m going with Elder Albornoz to visit their Group, Romero Cue. Tomorrow and Wednesday we`ll be in divisions. That`s all from my week, have a good one! I love yall!
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1 Elder Castro climbing Cerro Memby. In this photo he had just gotten past the hard part. Due to the danger of the wall, we were unable to get a closer photo.
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2 We made it up on top!
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3 Presidente Cristino Centurion
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4 Beautiful view from Cerro Memby
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5 Yoyi Centurion, Pte Cristino, Elder Castro, Robert Centurion, and Robert`s friends Derlis, Alexis, and Dani. I hope I got the name order right hahaha.
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6 Elder Castro with a termite hill. They`re EVERYWHERE in Paraguay
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7 We got out of there right as the clouds moved in
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8 Termites!

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