Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Mon, 6/19/2017 (Yby Yau)

WE don't have too much time and I'm half frozen so it's gonna be quick. Monday we stayed in Yby Yau for Pday. There was a big national holiday for the day when the war of the Chaco ended, so everyone this side of Asuncion had a big parade. In Yby yau that consisted of only drums and girls with flags and batons. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to hear again hahaha it was so LOUD. Elder Castro and I then cooked out with Airton, then we moved all the junk in our house to.... where the Hermanas are going to live! We have been working the last few weeks to get sister missionaries to Yby yau, and we finally got the green light to move their furniture in. Tuesday we went to Pedro Juan for District meeting, then went home and Elder Castro finished packing, then we took a colectivo to Asuncion all night. We got there in the early morning, and I got dropped off at the chapel in Limpio, Paraguay where I waited for another van to take me to the bus stop to wait for my companion. His name is.... Elder Cartagena! He is from Sucre, Bolivia, and only has 3 months in his mission. We also got a lot of news of new transfers, and I am now a District Leader! My district consists of us and the Hermanas from Yby Yau, who are Sister Training Leaders. We got home in the evening. Thursday we spent the day showing all three of the new missionaries around Yby yau. Friday and Saturday were normal days of contacting and more contacting, aaaand more contacting. All of our success got shifted into the area of the Hermanas, as well as everyone that speaks Spanish, so we have to have a translator at all times. Saturday we helped dig a well, which I have pictures of but I don't think the pictures are going to work today, so sorry! Sunday I taught 2 hours of church, then for Sacrament Meeting the other 3 missionaries all spoke. We had ward counsel for the second time that I've been here, but it was just us missionaries and the branch president. Yesterday Elder Cartagena and I had to go to Pedro Juan, where I am staying with Elder Behrens from Boise Idaho and Elder Reategui from NYC, and Elder Cartagena is in Asuncion doing immigrations with the zone leaders.

Thank y'all for the happy birthday wishes and prayers! I'm doing good here and its a lot of fun. Please remember to read your scriptures, pray, and go to church this week! Y'all have a good one!

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