Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Another week

Mon., 6/5/2017 (Yby Yau)

What a fast week, once again. I'll get right to it. This week was pretty hard climate wise, as it changed from really hot to 40 degrees to really hot. Monday I had a division in the night with Elder Passos again, and almost died of walking hahaha. I'm accustomed to biking now so walking is pretty hard when we're going fast. Tuesday we had our district meeting, then Elder Castro and I waited in the terminal. There weren't colectivos, so we ended up waiting until 4 to leave for Yby yau. When we got home, it started raining, but we didn't have anything to do so we went contacting houses close to our house. About everyone didn't answer but we got to talk to a few people.

It goes dark around 5:30 here right now, so everyone goes to bed early. Wednesday, we had a normal day of teaching people, and we passed by one of our investigators, Benicio, who is 32 or so years old, to see how he felt about getting baptized this Saturday. He was still hesitant, but Airton (the young man who translates for us) saved the day and explained the importance of AUTHORITY of the person who baptizes. (He was baptized 2 times before, but by people who don't have God's authority.) I dont know how he explained it differently, but something clicked and Benicio really wanted to get baptized. Thursday, for the Noche de Rama activity, we played duck duck goose again, Only Airton and I knew about it and everyone here loves it so it all works out! Friday, the zone leaders came to do the interview of Benicio in the morning. He forgot to be at home so we had to wait a while. To get to his house, we have to go about a km in the main road, then take a trail (very similar to the Appalachain trail) about another km to where he lives. The zone leaders were here too long to eat lunch in their area, so we decided to cook. One of them wanted to show us how to make a dish from home, and I don't know what was in it but Elder Castro has been pretty sick ever since, but I didn't have too bad of a reaction to it. Saturday, we had an activity watching the final of champions league and right after it the baptism. It worked out pretty well because we got a couple of investigators to go and we had a good turnout of 25 or so at the baptism. The landlords of the chapel kept turning off the water and we only could get it to knee height. It all worked out in the end, and he was super excited to be baptized. Since Sandris baptism didn't have a cake, we had to make 2 this time, and I have never seen cake disappear so fast hahaha.. Sunday, during fast and testimony meeting we had 5 of our 6 recent converts bear their testimonies so that also was cool. I forgot to mention that (future) Elder Villalbas papers are in the system! The medical papers were a bit of a hassle, but he is excited and ready to get his mission call. I'm excited for him. He helps us translating every day so he will definitely be ready. We discovered about 5 or 6 new kinds of fruits this week, which is also good. Everyone here has a lot of different fruit trees, and we got about 15 grapefruits from a member family, so we will have our vitamin c supply boosted a little. Sunday, we had 25 or so people in church. When the meetings started there were just 6 of us so Elder Castro and I went to bring members to church. Today we are in Pedro Juan again for P day. With changes coming up in a week and a half, it's pretty sad because I will probably have to leave Yby yau but who knows! Anyways, I hope you all have a good week! Also don't forget your scriptures, prayers, or to go to church! if you've got a problem, read the Book of Mormon. If you still have a problem, continue reading until you don't have your problem anymore. Also do what the book says. Keep the commandments, do the little things and you'll see the blessings. Thanks for the prayers and emails, I love y'all!
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1 Benicios baptism!
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2 We got to be the witnesses
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3 With my amigo Derlis and his half dead duck. It got cold one night and all the animals here died
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4 With Airton on the way to Benicios

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Sent the wrong pictures hahaha sorry
1 Benicos baptism
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2 With everyone that went
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3 at the font

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