Monday, June 12, 2017

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Mon., 6/12/2017 (Yby Yau)

Well this week has been eventful, so lets start at the beginning. Monday Elder Castro and I were supposed to have a division with 2 elders in their area in Pedro Juan, but they never showed up so we went and worked in their area anyways. We set 2 baptismal dates with new investigators in the area, so hopefully they'll progress.
Tuesday we had district meeting then we had another division with the zone leaders.Wednesday we had continuing bike problems, so we set out on foot. None of our teaching appointments were home, so we went out to find some new people to teach. We decided to go down a road that was kind of dark. We contacted a few houses. and finally stopped at one house, where as usual, all they speak is Guarani. We were able to share a very very very very simple message, and they wanted a Book of Mormon. Note that it's really dark outside, so we wanted to head a little closer to home, as we were probably about 6 km away. We continued on the road, but we both had a VERY bad feeling in the same moment, and Elder Castro looked at me and said, "lets run's" and we did. As we heeded the prompting the first time, nothing happened. We were kind of confused as to what we had to avoid. We didn`t have the chance to think about it until Friday. On Friday, we went by with Airton to teach a lesson It turns out the family is awesome. There's a mom, dad, and two boys age 8 and 4, and a girl age 7. The 2 boys can't talk, and the others only speak Guarani, BUT that doesn't matter. because we're all children of God and he sent us 2 to find this family. Anyways, the Hermana told us that she had had a dream that 2 young men with white shirts and ties would come to their house that day and to listen to them. She said it's obvious we're from God because there isn't anyone else that would ever be able to find their family. The hermano also had a dream, about reading the scriptures, so we gave them a copy of the Mormon Kuatiane'e (Bookof Mormon in Guarani). The other day when we had to run strikes me as important, because it's proof that the Holy Ghost led us there, but that house and no further was our purpose. Thursday the office Elders came by and stacked our house full of furniture. Apparently Peru played Paraguay, and Airton and Elder Castro promised each other that whoever lost had to buy food to grill out. Peru won so I think we're grilling chicken with Airton today for part of Pday hahaha. Sunday we did a division with the young men to get investigators to church. Since the ones Cristian and I were going to get live 6km or so away, we got to church an hour late, so I didn`t have to teach in Priesthood! But I did end up teaching Sunday School and we both gave talks in Sacrament Meeting. Last night, we started going to members' houses so that I could say my goodbyes. Later, the zone leaders gave us our changes and I'm staying! Elder Castro has to leave. It will be hard because we've been working together for a while. From what we've heard, almost the whole mission had changes, and all the people that have less time in their areas are leaving! It's pretty crazy. Fun stuff.
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1 saying goodbye to Dani and Diosnel Fretes. At this point we thought I was going to leave the area
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2 Elder Castro got a package from his family! They sent him 2 backpacks, one for him and one for me. Thanks Fm. Castro!
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3 I squeezed 4 liters of pomelo(grapefruit) juice. Incidentally, my hands all but fell apart the rest of the week from the citric acid hahaha
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4 It got a little cold here. Luckily, we have 2 little heaters to keep us alive

I'm running out of time, but I hope you all have a good week! Read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church! Have a good week!

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