Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fri., 11/4/2016
Another busy week in Mexico City! I started off for a couple days of sleeping and lounging around because of my wisdom teeth, and so different elders from my district stayed with me for an hour or 2 or 3 at a time. Monday I went to the Dentista, and since it was Dia de los Muertos for the kids, it was a fun experience. I got my stitches taken out, then had to wait for the CCM doctor and a latino Hermana to get some dental work done. The dentista where I went(the bigger one) is right across from a complex which I think was some kind of training or medical facility for Club America (pro soccer team) because it had the logo of Club America. Its also close to an elementary school, because I saw a lot of little kids walking home with their parents. The 31st in Mexico is basically like Halloween in the states; but the kids all dress up when they go to school. I got to see lots of costumes, and I would say about half of them have black and white face paint like in the newest James Bond movie at the beginning. That evening Elder Eves, the secretary in the presidency of the CCM(before his mission he was a 3 or 4 star general in the US air force), who lives on the floor below us, had a lot of candy and we got to trick or treat. Who woulda known I would get to trick or treat in Ciudad de Mexico hahaha. Tuesday we were studying outside, and our class building is right near the entrance of the CCM, so we saw the buses rolling up every now and then from the airport. On one of the buses was... Elder Nicolas Clements! Now there are 4 people here from North Carolina. A little later while we had a break from class, I got to go by the building where the new elders were, and talked to Elder Clements for a couple minutes. Its nice knowing people here; I feel a bit like one of the elders from utah or Idaho or arizona because they all know a lot of people here. I think I have shared this before but the fireworks are a daily thing in Ciudad de Mexico. They basically shoot them straight up in the air and the firework explodes, just a really loud bang and 1 light, not an explosion of light. Well Tuesday was also the day of the dead, and there were more fireworks than usual. There was a lot a good amount of loud music, so it was kind of hard to go to sleep. I have been busy with classes all the days this week. Today we had Pday, and we played some ultimate frisbee then soccer. We tried to go to the dentist but she wasnt there. We played some volleyball then tried emailing. The internet on every computer here is blocked. I have the only computer in all approx. 300 computers in the ccm thats working at the moment and i will be lucky not to be shut down. No idea what the problem is. I cant upload pictures but there is only one more to send that is of me with my new haircut. Theres not really much to tell about since its classes 24/7 here, but in 2 weeks when I get to Paraguay Im sure the content will get more interesting. Have a great week!Displaying 100_0114.JPG

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