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Fri., 10/28/2016

[Regarding last weeks photos and lost email.] Did you not get my email! I sent an email that had a toooooooon of stuff in it. If yall didnt get it it is because the internet here is terrible. We are right in the middle of the city, in the pictures you can see houses in the backround on the hills. there are hill like mountains all around where we are. its really pretty in the ccm, its 90 acres and most of that is just grass or trees, but outside the walls its a verrrrry crowded area. Theres tons of noise all night long, as well as fireworks constantly going off.

This week's:

what a busy week! saturday started off the fun, with a good service activity. We cleaned the kitchen in the comedor(cafeteria). I got talking to one of the main cooks, named Estaban, and was able to converse with him that I worked at the Provo Missionary training center, but I told him the food is better here. He told my district that were really hard workeds, and now im friends with the cook! Our practice lesson was great that day too( we teach practice lessons about the gospel to our teachers).

Sunday was also good; one of the members of the mission presidency came and had church with us. One of the elders in my district, elder chudleigh, is the pianist for the mtc choir which performs at tuesday devotionals. He needed a page turner, so I volunteered. Before dinner he needed to practice the song, Praise to the Lord God the Almighty(which he hadnt seen the music for before and requires all 10 fingers at 1 time, and his music was for an organ not a piano.). After dinner we practiced more, and i sang while he played so he could get a feel for the piece. That evening during "movie night" we watched a video about Jospeh smith and the restoration that I think came out about 5 years ago. It was good. Tuesday at the devotional, the musical number went well. We also got front row seats as the pianist and temporary compañero/page turner.Â

We are still playing soccer every day in gym time, and Its a lot of fun.Â

Now the story you've all been waiting for: The wisdom teeth. So Ive been to the dentista here a few times because i had a problem with one of my teeth, but during x rays it was determined my wisdom teeth need to come out also, despite my dentist waving them off as good. So yesterday, thursday, I went to the dentista at 10. Since Elder Brower has missed a couple classes because of my troubles, I had Elder Chudleigh, the pianist come wth me instead. The dentistas here only numb the mouth for wisdom teeth, so i was awake for the whole process. The first(of 2, the top teeth arent a problem) tooth, the bottom right, was no big deal. She finished it in about 30 minutes, and no big deal. The second tooth wastrickier. Apparently it was impacted or something like that, and she worked on it for around 3 hours with no avail. Eventually the top of the tooth was broken off and out, but the roots would not come out.She sewed me up and I got transferred to another dentist. The first dentist office was just one dentist and 1 chair, but the second dentist office, which was about 20-30 mins away, was 6 chairs and a handful of doctors;theyre also members of our church. and even though it was kinda cramped it was very similar to the offices in the US; much better than the first. By that time, because of my first dentist taking a while, I was pretty tired and had lost a good amount of blood, They had to give me an iv. Then they numbed me up and got my second tooths roots out in like 15 mins. At the end of the time, It was 7 hours and I was ready to go to bed. They gave me 2 kinds of pain pills im supposed to use at the same time, but i dont have horrific pain so I decided to not use them so i dont have to deal with side effects like throwing up. I am however using antiboitics. last night and today Ive had around 20 or so people visit my dorm; today we had about 12 people in my room hahaha it was crowded but great to feel the love from the other missionaries. With my head covering Ive been compared to many things, most prominently a leper. Ive been turning heads all day, because Ive been rolling around the ccm with a ace wrap and ice packs. I had a piece of bread for breakfast becvause i was having trouble with my food. I went to the doctor for antibiotics, and had a sit down meeting for a few minutes. He called the mission president and got permission for me to talk to dad and tell him about the surgery, which was great to talk to him. It was P day all day so i have been sitting around all day. For lunch my new friend Estaban, the cook, noticed I had my bandage and all on, so he decided to whip up an smoothie for me. Dont worry Mom, I did what cousin Josh did and made friends with the cook. That gave immediate results let me tell you. Well thats the week!

Best food this week: pt1 thew smoothie from Estaban for lunch

pt 2 the corn chowder they had for lunch today. Maybe its cause I was so hungry, but it was really good.

Thanks for all your support and prayers!

PS here is me right now (the picture)

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