Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thurs., 11/10/2016

Hola, como estan?!
Its my last full week in Ciudad de Mexico! We fly out monday to Paraguay, with a stop in Panama City. Its a long travel time, but Im excited to finally get to Paraguay. The CCM has been a lot of fun, and I have made a ton of friends here.Â
The computers are back online, which is good because last week everyone was going crazy. It all worked out. Friday night they had burgers and fries in the comedor, and they were really good. The food here is awesome, but it is nice to have american food once in a while. Saturday we had a TRC, which is basically high school kids coming in and we have to teach them 15 minute lessons. We taught 2 high schoolers, and one of them, Luis, is prepping to come out on a mission. I got to drop by Elder Nicolas Clements classroom and talk to him for a few minutes. Sunday was fast sunday, where our church goes 24 hours without food and water(on missions it is only food because of the climates and the fact that Paraguay doesnt have air conditioning and such). For movie night, we watched a short film about a man named John Tanner, who in the 1830s donated everything he had to the church, amounting to 50,000 dollars(which was worth a whole lot back then). Then we watched a film that was probably made in the 80's about the atonement of Jesus Christ. At the end of the day I picked up a small package from Elder Clemnts with a card and some candy, thanks for that! Tuesday I was in the choir, and we sang Oracion de un Niño(A childs prayer). Yesterday Hermano Santiago was showing us pictures from some of his previous classes, and apparently a couple months ago he taught Hermana Abigail Whitt; Were the only missionaries he has taught from North Carolina. We aso got our flight information and other documents. Im excited to get to Parguay! Today is pday, and we had to star packing our bags last night. We did more packing today, and had to weigh our bags. We also played some soccer and frisbee. Today is Elder Glasgow's (Ill send a picture) birthday, so we had a small party, and everyone wrote him a card and we all got stuff like pringles and takis from the tienda for him. We are still playing soccer every day, and I have personally improved a lot. Thats pretty much all from this week; most of the day every day is class class class. I will send a good number of pictures this week. Not sure when my p day will be though, so Have a good week til then everyone!

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