Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sat., 11/12/2016

They wanted me to take a couple minutes and write yall an email because there has been a travel change. The mission president requested that we stay here an extra week; we are assuming he wants to change the transfer schedule and so we will be staying an extra week. We are going to be in latino districts! Elder Brower and I are in one district, 2 elders in another, and a trio in another district of latinos. That means EVERYTHING is in spanish. I am excited but slightly bummed we have to wait a week. Because of this, my next Pday is going to be on JUEVES(THURSDAY), so itd be nice to get emails by then. Thank you Dad for sending me an email this past week, I didnt get it on time but since I didnt get emails from anyone last week its nice to have something to read today, and I got special permission to read it today. Yall have a good week ,and Ill try to update yall when I get info! Have a great week!

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