Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thurs., 11/17/2016

Hola como estan?
Its been a busy week! Last thursday or friday after bedtime, one of the workers here knocked on our door and told us that we are going to be here for a 7th week! Theres some problem, and NOBODY in the CCM knows, so all 7 elders going to Paraguay are delayed. They split us up into companionships, and Elder Whipple is with Elders Armstrong and Schmidt. We are all in 3 different classes, and they put us in with latinos! In my new class, we have missionaries from at least Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, and the Dominican Republic! Everything is in español, and Im picking up a lot of it really quickly. Monday we saw all of the Elders and Hermanas that we have been doing everything with leave. It was bittersweet, because we have  made so many friends here. We had to move to casas(houses), and Elder Brower and I haver a room to ourselves with a bathroom and shower, and 2 bunkbeds. The houses arent as nice as the dormitorios, but the rooms are bigger. Hopefully we can get on to Paraguay this week. Every day we have checked at the recepción desk, and  no new news. Theres just a sign on the bulletin board that says "one more week or when have new news" from last week, so nobody knows. Apparently this hasnt happened before, and were famous around here, lots of the other Elders know us as the  7 week Elders. Another perk is that there arent as many missionaries here, so theres always food when its our time to eat(they used to run out sometimes). Elder Brower and I have been in class with the latinos all week and its been great. We are learning a lot. The one hitch this week was the beef for lunch one of the days, that and another meal last friday have caused diarrhea across the CCM. I missed the first outbreak, but I got it tuesday. I slept all day yesterday, and Im on the upswwing now I think. Its nice to have the Enfermeria, where we can just walk in and get treatment. There hasnt been too much new news besides what Ive told yall, but this week is heavy with the pictures since so many people are leaving.

have a great week all of yall!

hasta luego,

Elder Olson
Paraguay Asuncion North Mission

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