Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mon., 12/12/2016

So we had to go on a couple trips to san lorenzo, del maestro, and mboiy uh(no idea how to spell) and a bus we took home detoured an hour into asuncion unexpectedly... the buses here are confusing! So I dont have much time, because its 6 and thats our time to be done with Pday but Ill fill you in next week. Basically Im still working hard, sweating buckets, and we had a baptism saturdsay! Its a nice lady whos in her 60s. Christmas is coming up! If you could, please find a time and let me know who youll be with and their skype info, and let me know what times you will be available. We will have some stuff on but we can do it on  Christmas or Christmas eve but Ill need to know all times when will be open for you, if you could let me know in your and paraguay time. All times both days is what I need because we have to coordinate with my companions family too. By the way I get a full hour!

 Also, I have recieved a complaint that the blog hasnt been updated in a while? If yall could itd be nice to have that up because I guess people really are reading it! Sorry for being demanding today, my email next week will be a lot more informative and have pictures from the baptism and such. Yall have a good week!


Elder Olson
Paraguay Asuncion North Mission

Yes, his mother apologizes profusely and will do better!

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