Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tues., 11/22/2016

Last night we got a phone call in our casa and... IM GOING TO PARAGUAY TODAY! Dont know the plans yet but they told us we will find out soon. Were leaving the CCM at 8:30 AM, so probably a flight at around noon. No idea where the layover will be. This past sunday the 7 of us and our teacher, Hermano Santiago, fasted specifically for this problem, and wow how fasting works! We were set to be here at least 2 more weeks, but now we don't have to! Im so excited to be going to Paraguay finally, you should have seen Elder Brower and I last night in the casa! We got the phone call around 10, and we had to pack and do laundry, and since the laundry took forever, we also cleaned out some of the other empty rooms. Today we got up and said goodbye to hermano santiago, who got up early top see us off, then were busy with stuff to do til its time to go. Well thats all, have a great thanksgiving, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVY!

Los amo(I love yall),


Elder Olson
Paraguay Asuncion North Mission

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