Monday, December 19, 2016

Mon., 12/19/2016

Its been a busy 6 weeks! Most of the time has been just working a lot. Weve had a good dealof rain, and its been raining all day. 2 Saturdays ago we had a baptism! It was this nice lady whos around 60 years old, and she was excited to get baptised. That day we went to the church at 6:30 and cleaned the baptismal font, then started filling it with water. We went home and got ready for the day, then came back and turned the water off. Then we made brownies and a coconut cake for the baptism. We had the baptism around 4 that day, and then had our food and some sandwiches and soda. then last monday we went  to San Lorenzo, Del Maestro and Mboi'y for Elder Bridges despedidas(visiting old areas is allowed for 2 mondays in you last change in the mission.) Mboi'y was last, and we were a bit behind schedule when we got on a collectivo to Limpio(were right outside of Limpio). Well the bus went back to San lorenzo. Then Asuncion, and then Limpio. It took us a loooot longer to get home. So thats why I didn't email much last week. The next day, Tuesday, we went to Asuncion for a 2 zone conference. It was pretty good and we learned a lot. After, we had a few things to get, and oredered my Guarani nametags. They should be here before my training is over! To answer dads question, yes we use the Light the World video and pass along cards, but for us its Illuminar el Mundo. Wednesday and Thursday were really hard, because I had to work with Elder Robalino 2 days straight and he is just as new as me, and we had to walk super slow because he has an ankle problem or something like that. But I was back with Elder Bridge for the rest of the week. Saturday we had a cool service project; the 4 of us elders helped Hermano Flor tear down half of his house. That took al morning, then later that day was another baptism, this time for Elders Passos and Robalino, but Elder Bridge and I ended up cooking the brownies and this time made a marble cake, because the other Elders can't cook. We also went tothe store because the bishop gave us 50 mil to spend on soda and cookies and such. Yesterday after church we had lunch with Hermana Gomez; she feeds us every Sunday and its always a ton. She stuffed us full of empanadas, rice, milanesa, and fruit salad, among other stuff, (and by the way we have to eat everything we can stuff into our faces because its rude to not eat everything you're given) then after we couldn't finish she brought out ice cream. We were slowed down all day, but didn't even need to eat dinner hahaha. Today was Elder Bridges last Pday for despididas. We went to an area called Piquete Cue, which doesn't have many trees. A minute or 2 after we got off the collectivo, the rain started. It was really hard rain. Since then it has been raining all day. We are in Luque for emailing. This is my last week with Elder Bridge, since he is leaving in a week for home, and I'll have a new companion. I will probably stay here for the next 6 weeks, but it is possible that they will send me to another area, who knows? Thats all for this week, but I hope you all have a good one!

Elder Olson
Paraguay Asuncion North Mission

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