Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mon., 12/26/2016
More pics.
1 Elder Passos and I and Hermana and Hermano Gomez. She is a convert, and is strong in the church. She feeds us every week and the other Elders every week, and she heard we were sick so she made us a 5 gallon bucket of fruit salad, Paraguay style. He is inactive, never has a shirt on and is always partially drunk, but he is really nice and always says tranquilo. He always tells us he has read from the Book of Mormon, but the one he has is in guarani and he can't read it, but we pull it out and read to him in guarani sometimes. They say that they are our Paraguayan Parents, because whenever we stop by they give us ice cream, and they feed us all the time. Great couple.
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2 since y'all asked for random pictures of what is around the house, here is some. The shower head.
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3 the bathroom
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4 the other side of the bathroom
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